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The Foundation of learning

"When a Flower doesn't Bloom, we fix the environment in which it grows not the flower"

India will have the highest population of young people in the world over the next decade and our ability to provide high quality educational opportunities to them will determine the future of our Country.

It is becoming increasingly critical that children not only learn, but more importantly learn how to learn.

Pedagogy must evolve to make education more experiential, holistic, integrated, inquiry based, discovery oriented, learner centered, discussion based, flexible and of course enjoyable.

Education must build character, enable learners to be ethical, rational compassionate and caring, while at the same time prepare them to be an encouraging human being.

Over 85% of a child's cumulative brain development occurs prior to the age of 6 years, indicating the critical importance of appropriate care and stimulation of the brain in the early years in order to ensure healthy brain development and growth. Universal provisioning of quality early childhood development, care and education must thus be achieved as soon as possible, to ensure that all students entering t grade -1 are school ready.

The foundation of Learning ideally consists of flexible, multi faceted, multi level, play based, activity based and inquiry learning, comprising of alphabets, languages, numbers, counting, colours, shapes, indoor and outdoor play, puzzle and logical thinking, problem solving, drawing, painting and other visual art, craft, drama and puppetry, music and movements.

It also include a focus on developing social capabilities, sensitivity, good behavior, courtesy, ethics, personal and public cleanliness, teamwork and cooperation. The overall aim of 'ECCE' will be to attain optimal outcomes in the domains of physical and motor development, cognitive development, socio-emotional-ethical development, cultural / artistic development and the development of communication and early language literacy and numeracy


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